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Malaria Rapid Tests

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Malaria test kit (PF) 
Catalog No.: BGW901C


The Malaria P.f Rapid Test Device (Whole Blood ) is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of circulating plasmodium falciparum in whole blood.

Test Procedure 

Before the test pls read the instruction manual.Keep the test cassette and the specimen back to room temperature to 20-30 °C. If not ready, do not tear foil bag, kits without the package shall be used within 1 hour (20%-90% humidity)
1. Remove the cassette/card from the foil bag.
2. Use the dropper, drip one drop (25ul) specimen to the S well.
3. And meanwhile add two drops (80ul-100ul) Sample Diluent into the D well
4. Wait for 15-20 minutes and read results. Over 20 min, the result is invalid.


Negative: Only one colored band appears on the control (C) region. No apparent band on the test (T) region. 
Positive: in addition to a pink colored control (C) band, a distinct pink colored band will also appear in the test (T) region. Invalid: A total absence of color in both regions is an indication of procedure error and/or the test reagent has deteriorated.