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Human Parvovirus B19 Rapid Tests

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Rapid test for IgM Antibody to Human Parvovirus B19(Colloidal Gold) 

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Bioneovan Rapid test for IgM Antibody to Human Parvovirus B19(Colloidal Gold)is pre-determined for the qualitative detection of human parvovirus B19 IgM antibody in human whole blood, serum or plasma samples. It is used as an early infection of parvovirus in immunodiagnostics or hematological disease, hemolytic anemia patients, pregnant women, newborns, etc., serving as an auxiliary diagnostic reagents in clinical diagnosis.


1. Preparation before testing: 1 μL of each of 10 μL, 50 μL and 100 μL micropipettes and a pair of tips or dropper (10 μL, 50 μL, 100 μL).
2. Inspection process: Place the test card on a dry horizontal work surface. Add 10 μL of serum or plasma sample (20 μL of whole blood) to each well of the test card using a micropipette, add 80 μL of the sample dilution, and observe the results within 15 to 20 minutes.
3. Precautions for the inspection process: 
a. The test kit and the sample to be tested should be placed in a room temperature environment before being tested. 
b. The test card is used within 30 minutes after the opening of the test card. 
c. The observations are invalid after 20 minutes.





Positive     Two pink lines appear in both C and T position
Negative    Only one pink line appears in C position
Invalid:    The control line next to the test line does not become visible after the addition of the sample.
Note: Invalid test results should be treated as infectious contaminants and samples should be re-acquired.