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Luteinizing Hormone
REF: DS177709        96 tests 

Intended use
Immunoassay for the in vitro quantitative determination of luteinizing hormone in human serum.

LH (luteinizing hormone), together with FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), belongs to the gonadotropin family. LH and FSH regulate and stimulate the growth and function of the gonads (ovaries and testes) synergistically. Like FSH, TSH and hCG, LH is a glycoprotein consisting of two subunits (α- and β-chains). (1, 2, 3) 
This proteohormone, which consists of 121 amino acids and three sugar chains, has a molecular weight of 29500 daltons. In women, the gonadotropins act within the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary regulating circuit to control the menstrual cycle. (4, 5) LH and FSH are released in pulses from the gonadotropic cells of the anterior pituitary and pass via the bloodstream to the ovaries. Here the gonadotropins stimulate the growth and maturation of the follicle and hence the biosynthesis of estrogens and progesterones. The highest LH-concentrations occur during the mid-cycle peak and induce ovulation and formation of the corpus luteum, the principal secretion product of which is progesterone. In the Leydig cells of the testes, LH stimulates the production of testosterone. Determination of the LH concentration is used in the elucidation of dysfunctions within the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonads system. The determination of LH in conjunction with FSH is utilized for the following indications: congenital diseases with chromosome aberrations (e.g. Turner’s syndrome), polycystic ovaries (PCO), clarifying the causes of amenorrhea, menopausal syndrome, and suspected 
Leydig cell insufficiency. (1, 4, 5)

Materials provided

• Coated Microplate, 8 x 12 strips, 96 wells, pre-coated with mouse monoclonal Anti-LH.
• Calibrators, 6 vials, 1 ml each, ready to use; Concentrations: 0(A), 5(B), 20(C), 50(D), 100(E) and 200(F) mIU/mL.
• Enzyme Conjugate, 1 vial, 11 mL of HRP (horseradish peroxidase) labeled mouse monoclonal Anti-LH in Tris-NaCl buffer containing BSA (bovine serum albumin).Contains 0.1% ProClin300 preservative.
• Substrate, 1 vial, 11ml, ready to use, (tetramethylbenzidine) TMB.
• Stop Solution, 1 vial, 6.0 ml of 1 mol/L sulfuric acid.
• Wash Solution Concentrate, 1 vial, 25 mL (40X concentrated), PBS-Tween wash solution.
• IFU, 1 copy.
• Plate Lid: 1 piece.

Materials required (but not provided)
• Microplate reader with 450nm and 620nm wavelength absorbent capability.
• Microplate washer. 
• Incubator.
• Plate shaker.
• Micropipettes and multichannel micropipettes delivering 50μl with a precision of better than 1.5%.
• Absorbent paper.
• Distilled water