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REF: DS177715 96 tests 

Intended use

Immunoassay for the in vitro quantitative determination of Estradiol concentration in human serum.


Oestradiol, E2, is an oestrogen, a steroidal hormone secreted by the ovaries. It is a main female hormone. Oestradiol regulates female characteristics, the 
maturation of female sex organs and the oestrus and menstrual cycle. It stimulates the production of mammary glands.
The serum concentrations of oestradiol and other female hormones change during the menstrual cycle. During gestation there is a high serum concentrations of oestradiol, E3. During menopause, oestrone has the higher concentration.
Oestradiol and oestrone can interchange. Oestradiol has a big effect on bone formation. Women past menopause have an accelerated loss of bone because they have less oestrogen.
Oestradiol also has some functions in males. Its serum concentration in men is equivalent to that seen in post-menopausal women.

Materials provided

• Coated Microplate, 8 x 12 strips, 96 wells.
• Calibrators, 6 vials, 1 ml each, ready to use; Concentrations: 0(A), 20(B), 100(C), 500(D), 1500(E) and 3000(F) pg/mL.
• Enzyme Conjugate, 1 vial, 6.0 ml of HRP (horseradish peroxidase) labeled sheep monoclonal Progesterone in Tris-NaCl buffer containing BSA (bovine serum albumin). Contains 0.2% ProClin300 preservative.
• Substrate, 1 vial, 11ml, ready to use, (tetramethylbenzidine) TMB.
• Stop Solution, 1 vial, 6.0 ml.
• Wash Solution Concentrate, 1 vial, 25 ml (40X concentrated), PBS-Tween wash solution.
• IFU, 1 copy.
• Plate Lid: 1 piece.

Materials required (but not provided)

• Microplate reader with 450nm and 620nm wavelength absorbent capability.
• Microplate washer. 
• Incubator.
• Plate shaker.
• Micropipettes and multichannel micropipettes delivering 50μl with a precision of better than 1.5%.
• Absorbent paper.
• Distilled water