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REF: DS207711 96 tests 

Intended use

Immunoassay for the in vitro quantitative determination of IL-6 (interleukin-6) in human serum and plasma.


IL-6, a key mediator for inflammation and an early alarm signal of infection that becomes elevated as part of the inflammatory response, has emerged as a valuable biomarker in the management of sepsis.

In a study of 1,032 patients with severe trauma, patients who subsequently developed septic complications had the highest IL-6 levels on day 1 following injury. Similarly, in a study of 50 patients following major surgery, IL-6 levels were correlated with the development of septic complications during the first 5 days following surgery (area under the curve [AUC] 0.82; 95% CI: 0.66 – 0.98), with a sensitivity of 90 % and selectivity of 58%. Furthermore, when IL-6 levels and clinical indicators were combined, sensitivity and selectivity increased to 100% and 79%, respectively. 

Early peak IL-6 levels correlate significantly with the development of SIRS and sepsis. The degree of elevation in IL-6 levels can be used to differentiate SIRS from severe sepsis and septic shock, with higher IL-6 levels correlating with increased severity.

As a marker for systemic inflammation, high IL-6 levels may be predictive of future organ dysfunction. In addition, continually elevated IL-6 levels have been reported 
to be predictive of mortality in patients with sepsis.


Materials provided
• Coated Microplate, 8 x 12 strips, 96 wells, pre-coated with mouse monoclonal Anti-IL-6.
• Calibrators, 6 vials, 1 mL each, ready to use; Concentrations: 0(A), 20(B), 50(C), 250(D), 1000(E) and 3000(F) pg/mL.
• Enzyme Conjugate, 1 vial, 11 mL of HRP (horseradish peroxidase) labeled mouse monoclonal Anti-IL-6 in Tris-NaCl buffer containing BSA (bovine serum albumin). Contains 0.1% ProClin300 preservative.
• Substrate, 1 vial, 11mL, ready to use, (tetramethylbenzidine) TMB.
• Stop Solution, 1 vial, 6.0 ml of 1 mol/L sulfuric acid.
• Wash Solution Concentrate, 1 vial, 25 mL (40X concentrated), PBS-Tween wash solution.
• IFU, 1 copy.
• Plate Lid: 1 piece.
Materials required (but not provided)
• Microplate reader with 450nm and 620nm wavelength absorbent capability.
• Microplate washer. 
• Incubator.
• Plate shaker.
• Micropipettes and multichannel micropipettes delivering 50μl with a precision of better than 1.5%.
• Absorbent paper.
• Distilled water