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HAV IgM Elisa Kit

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Diagnositc Kit for IgM Antibody to Hepatitis A Virus(ELISA) 
Catolog No.: BE301A


This kit uses capture ELISA method to detect anti-HAV IgM. The purified mouse anti-human IgM (μchain) antibody is coated on the solid phase of multi-wells. A conjugate HAV-Ag is added to the coated wells after diluted sample added and incubated. Then horseradish peroxidase labeled HAV-Ag is added. If HAV-IgM is present in the sample, a complex of Anti-μ-chain-HAV-IgM –HAV-Ag -labeled with HRP will form. Wash wells to remove other unbounded serum components, incubate with substrate (TMB) to form a colored product, and measure the absorbance at 450nm to indicate the presence or absence of HAV-IgM in the sample. The test is special, sensitive, reproducible and easy to operate.


1. Anti-μ-chain Coated Microwell Plate     1 block (96wells)
2. Enzyme Conjugant (HAVAg-HRP)      1 bottle (6ml)
3. Conjugate HAV-Ag       1 bottle (6ml)
4. Negative Control Serum     1 vial  (1ml)
5. Positive Control Serum     1 vial  (1ml)
6. 20 X Wash Buffer (dilution prior to use)     1 bottle (30ml)
7. Substrate A        1 bottle (6ml)
8. Substrate B        1 bottle (6ml)
9. Stop Solution(2M H2SO4)        1 bottle (6ml)    
10. Plastic Bag        1 bag
11. Seal Paper        3 pieces
12. Manual        1 each