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HEV IgM Elisa Kit

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Diagnositc Kit for IgM Antibody to Hepatitis E Virus(ELISA) 
Catalog No.:BE402A


This kit employs solid phase, capture ELISA method for detection of IgM antibodies to HEV (anti-HEV) in serum or plasma with two-step incubation procedure. Polystyrene microwell is pre-coated with purified activated mouse anti human IgM (μ chain) monoclonal antibody. The HRP conjugated recombinant HEV antigen serves as tracer. TMB is substrate for HRP. The enzyme reaction with substrate TMB produces a color change, and the intensity of the absorbance at 450 nm indicates the presence or absence of Anti-HEV antibodies IgM in the sample. The test is specific, sensitive, reproducible and easy to operate.  It is for diagnosis of early infection and epidemic survey.


1. Antigen Coated Micro well Plate           1 block (96wells)
2. Specimen Diluents           1 bottle (12ml)
3. Enzyme Conjugant (anti human IgM -HRP)           1 bottle (12ml)
4. Negative Control           1 vial (1ml)
5. Positive Control           1 vial (1ml)
6.20 X Wash Buffer (dilution prior to use)           1 bottle (30ml)
7. Substrate A           1 bottle (6ml)
8. Substrate B            1 bottle (6ml)
9. Stop Solution (2M H2SO4)           1 bottle (6ml)
10. Plastic Bag           1 bag
11. Seal Paper            3 pieces
12. Manual            1 each