About Us


2018   —


In August 2018, the company successfully moved to the biomedical industry base in Daxing District, Zhongguancun Science Park, with a total factory area of 4,000 square meters. Through the introduction and cultivation of talents, a high-quality professional talent team including management, research and development, quality control, production and marketing has been established, and the administrative personnel department, financial department, marketing department, R&D department, quality department, and production department have been set up and improved. , Engineering Equipment Department, Warehousing and Logistics Department and Supply Department, etc., formed a strict and comprehensive quality control system and a complete organization.

2015   —

Recognized as a high-tech enterprise

So far, the company has obtained a total of 45 products with national approval number, and many products are under research. With the continuous investment in research and development and the continuous improvement of the management team, the company has developed rapidly, and the sales performance has doubled year by year.

2014   —


The plant was upgraded and renovated, adding 500 square meters for storage and instrument equipment development, and adding an office and service center of 1,100 square meters in Sanli Industrial Park, which further met the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations and the further development of the enterprise. It provides a strong guarantee for the realization of high-quality products.

2011   —

Realize integrated management

At the beginning of 2011, the company increased investment in research and development, established a protein expression platform, established strains through cooperation and commercial purchase, and realized the self-production of some biological raw materials, thus enabling the company to form self-production of biological raw materials, research and development and production of finished products, and sales Integrated business model.

2005   —

Division and reorganization

In 2005, it was reorganized as Beijing Xinxing Sihuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and in the same year, it built a 1,500 square meter plant in Beijing Daxing Industrial Development Zone with two production lines of enzyme-linked immunoassay and colloidal gold method and passed GMP certification, specializing in in vitro R&D, production and sales of diagnostic reagents.

1998   —

Founded in 1998

Bioneovan Co., Ltd., established in 2 0 0 5, is an in vitro diagnostic reagents manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, and focus on clinical testing for infectious diseases, such as Hepatitis virus, Noro virus, Parvo virus test kits, our products include rapid test cassette and Elisa kits.